Ad Hoc Policy Testing issue


While testing Ad Hoc Policy , I don’t find the Ad Hoc tab on Control after requesting Ad Hoc access to a test service.

After creating the test service and enabling Ad Hoc Access on the service settings I didn’t find the interface tab mentioned in the guide

Grant users ad hoc access#

To grant users temporary ad hoc access,

  • Click “Control” on the main menu.
  • Click on “Ad Hoc” tab.
  • You will see pending adhoc requests and history of older requests.
  • Click “View” on a certain pending request.
  • Choose expiry time.
  • Click on “Grant” or “Reject”

Also when requesting access from test user account, I see no option for Administrator, just that white space, and also the notification icon is red when I click submit.

Could this be related with the fact that the system isn’t connected to the internet…? @sshah

Hi, Ad Hoc Policies are not officially released yet hence missing menu in the dashboard.
It will work if you build the TRASA server from the master branch though.

Good morning,

this is the latest version, correct?

# trasa-server -v
Version: 1.1.4

Which is also the version pointed when I go to this link

I am a bit puzzled, how do I build from the master branch?

$ cd trasa-master
$ autoreconf -fi
autoreconf: error: '' is required

My apologies… there was a miscommunication between me and the project manager, the feature to test is AD/LDAP

Sorry for the confusion

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